If you've just bought a rural property and eventually want to build a home on it, one of your early tasks will be to clear the property to some degree. While you could hire a land clearing service to do this work for you, someone who enjoys do-it-yourself work might want to handle this project themselves. If so, you'll want to rent a compact tractor from a local equipment rental service. One of these tractors can help with a surprisingly long list of tasks that you'll need to complete to get the property looking the way you want. Here are three ways to use a rented compact tractor when clearing a property.

Dragging Trees

Clearing a property often requires you to cut down some trees. While you might want to leave some trees up, you'll need to remove those that will interfere with the construction of the home. There are lots of ways to approach cutting down the trees, but one option is to cut them and then drag them to the edge of the road with your portable tractor. This way, you can have someone come and pick them up to use as firewood — and pay you, which is a nice way to earn a little money from the work you're doing. It would be all but impossible to move the tree trunks to the edge of the road without a tractor.

Piling Brush

On rural properties, a common way to get rid of the brush that you clear is to burn it. Provided that you're legally able to do so in your area, you can use your rented compact tractor to make a large pile of brush that you can eventually set on fire. Loading the brush into the bucket of the tractor and piling it in a designated area is much quicker and physically easier than carrying the brush by hand or using a wheelbarrow.

Leveling The Ground

You can also use your compact tractor to level the ground to your desired look. You can lift large rocks out of the ground with the bucket and get rid of them, and then drag the bucket across the surface of the ground to give it a smooth, graded shape. Rural properties can often be unlevel when you buy them, and spending a good amount of time leveling the ground with your tractor can make the property start to take shape. Contact a local equipment rental service to learn about different options, like Bobcat rental.