Varying levels of insecurity have plagued every society in history, and the 21st Century isn't any different. In 2019, the FBI reported over a million violent crimes in America, in which a majority of the perpetrators used firearms. While detectives have solved most of these cases, some remained unsolved for various reasons. Crimes like murder, robbery, and assault are often associated with violence and involve bloodshed. These bloodstains can help detectives and private investigators solve the crimes. A bloodstain spatter expert can get valuable insight from the crime scene by observing the trajectory of the projectile and the appearance of the bloodstains. These skills are vital and can help police identify and arrest suspects for further interrogation. Thus, bloodstain pattern analysis services come in handy during the initial investigation phase. This article explains how these experts can help solve various crimes: 

They Can Determine When the Crime Occurred

Bloodstains can help investigators determine when a crime occurred. Bloodstains consist of a smudge, puddle, spray, or handprint in most crime scenes. Experts offering bloodstain pattern analysis services can classify these stains into either passive or transfer stains. Passive pigments are formed by gravity, meaning the crime occurred at the scene, while transfer stains prove the suspects moved the victim. Thus, a blood-spatter expert studies these stains and determines whether the crime was committed at the scene or elsewhere. This insight can help the relevant authorities to carry out well-informed investigations. 

They Can Testify in Court

It is common to find various forensic experts, including those who offer bloodstain pattern analysis services, in court as witnesses. Due to their training, these experts can identify the weapon used, the number of blows inflicted on the victim, and any movement during the attack. They have the relevant expertise to help a court decide the case's outcome using collected evidence. These experts can also compile scientific knowledge, interpret lab data, and write lab reports for legal and investigative use. Thus, prosecutors and attorneys representing defendants or plaintiffs can consult bloodstain pattern analysis services for expert testimonies.

They Are Available Around the Clock

Crime does not have business hours, and flexibility is crucial for successful investigations. Bloodstains can fade and get distorted if the authorities wait too long for bloodstain pattern analysis services, compromising the entire investigation. Moreover, timely interventions can go a long way in apprehending the suspects and collecting helpful evidence. Blood spatter experts are flexible and are always available on call. Thus, relevant stakeholders such as criminal attorneys should utilize these services to collect vital evidence before other parties tamper with the crime scene.

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