An increasing number of people are turning to holistic and natural remedies to help with pain and anxiety management. One of the options is to go with CBD alternatives. As the owner of a holistic healthcare business, you likely are considering expanding to carry these alternatives. Here are some methods that can help you choose a CBD wholesale company that fits your holistic business needs, clients, and your expansion plans.

Ordering Options

The ordering options available are key in helping you narrow down the CBD wholesaler you want to use. Many businesses will look at shipping methods and payment methods, but the ordering options deal more with items than anything else. You want to look for ordering options that allow you more variety. For example, if a wholesaler offers CBD honey sticks, you may want to check for a variety pack or ordering options that let you choose more of one flavor or strength than another. This offers you and your customers variety.

Tablets, Gummies, and Chewables

There are many wholesalers that carry CBD, but most stick to liquid forms. You will likely find that your customers would prefer something easy to handle such as gummies, chewables, and CBD tablets. Make sure the wholesaler you choose does offer these options and offers them in various varieties of flavors and strengths. Keep in mind, you may have customers that love tablet forms, but need different strengths depending on why they are taking the CBD. Having a variety in their preferred choice means you can help them with most if not all of their CBD needs rather than just one or two needs.

High Dose Options

You will have some CBD clients that prefer a higher dose of CBD. This could be due to increased pain management issues, anxiety issues, or sleep-related issues. They may also be taking the high dosages at night when they can fully relax and rest. Check the wholesaler for these high dosage tablets and options. Make sure the higher dosages are available readily and do not require special ordering or shipping that could take longer and keep you from staying stocked up.

The key to these methods is putting them into practice by listing and seriously considering each option available to you. Once you have narrowed down your choices, make sure you contact the wholesaler. Many have their own sample packages that let you narrow your choices down even further.