One of the frustrating things about commercial air travel is that you're stuck in a seat that isn't very comfortable — often for several hours at a time. While the seats get a little more appealing when you buy a higher class of ticket, you may long for an air travel experience with better furniture. If you're interested in booking a private jet charter with a group of friends, you'll get to experience a wide range of furniture choices that you haven't previously encountered in the air. Here are some types of furniture that you'll find on a private jet.


Your pilot will ask you to sit in your seat while the private jet takes off, but once you're cruising through the air, you'll be free to move about the cabin and find a different type of seat. Many private jets are equipped with couches, and this may be a form of seating that you quickly gravitate toward. Being able to sit with your legs bent, stretch your legs out in front of you as far as you want, or even lie down is possible when you sit on a private jet's couch.


Depending on the size of your private jet and the length of your trip, you may even have access to a bed. Typically, the larger jets that travel father distances are equipped with this type of furniture. While you might be so excited to be traveling on a private jet that you don't want to sleep for the whole trip, being able to lie down for a couple of hours can be ideal if you need to feel fresh when you reach your destination. Be sure to pack some earplugs so that you can block out the sound of any fellow travelers.

Dining Room Table

On commercial flights, you're undoubtedly used to eating your meal on your lap or on the folding tray table in front of you. This scenario can be less than appealing, but it's thankfully not one that you'll need to endure when you book a private jet charter. Larger private jets are often equipped with dining room–style tables. When it's time to eat your meal, you'll be able to move from your seat, the couch, or wherever you've been spending your time and sit down at the table to enjoy the meal. The table can also be ideal for working on a laptop or playing cards.

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