When you use marijuana for medicinal or recreational use, you have a choice of how to consume it. One way is to use a vaporizer or vape pen. Here's why vaping is a popular option for using cannabis and how a vaporizer works.

Why You Might Prefer Vaping

While you can choose edibles and smoking marijuana like a cigarette, vaping has some advantages over those methods. The effects of vaping are felt more quickly than edibles, which could be important if you use cannabis to treat pain or anxiety. Edibles take much longer because they have to be processed by your body first and the length of time that takes varies depending on what's in your digestive system. That makes edibles unpredictable. If you want more control over when the effects of your cannabis kick in and wear off, then inhaling it is a better choice.

Rolling the marijuana and smoking it can be harsh on your lungs if you're not used to smoking, plus you may worry about the health effects of smoking due to byproducts created by combustion. A vaporizer allows you to inhale the marijuana without using combustion. Instead, the leaf is heated so the cannabis boils and creates a vapor that you inhale so it isn't as harsh as traditional smoking.

How A Battery-Powered Portable Vaporizer Works

Vaporizers used with cannabis are small portable units you can slip in your pocket. They are powered by a battery you charge through a USB port. Cannabis leaf is placed in the vaporizer and then the vaporizer heats up until a vapor is produced that you inhale. While vaporizers work in the same way, you can buy different models with different features. You can control the temperature on some vaporizers which has an effect on the amount of vapor produced and its taste. Vaporizers are all small, but they come in different sizes and shapes. Some are as small as an ink pen. Battery-powered portable vaporizers are usually sold as part of a kit that includes the charging cord, extra screens, and a cleaning brush so you can charge the battery and maintain the vaporizer.

Vaporizers come at different price points too depending on the features you want. If you're just starting out with vaping, then a basic, inexpensive vape pen may be all you need while you're deciding if you like the vaping experience or if you prefer edibles or another choice. If you prefer vaping for cannabis delivery, then you can upgrade to a vaporizer that gives you more control over battery life and heating options so you get optimum flavor and vapor density.