When a bee's nest appears around your home, your instincts may be to try and get rid of the bees as quickly as possible. Instead of calling professionals, many people try to get rid of bees by using pesticide sprays that claim to kill on contact. These quick solutions are typically only temporary solutions, and they can end up doing more harm than good. Before you get trigger happy with a pest removal spray, you should contact a professional bee removal company. These companies can provide you with multiple services to get rid of the bees and keep them from returning to your home. There are four major benefits to choosing bee removal companies over bee spray. Understanding each one will help you make an informed decision about the bee removal choice that you make.

Honeybee Population Decline

The fear of honeybees has led to mass eradication across the globe. Some reports have indicated that bee populations have dropped more than 95% and continue to decline. Using spray to kill off bees will end up contributing to the further decline and eventual endangerment of the species. Bee removal services will attempt to relocate the bees without killing them. During a relocation, the bees are moved to a farm where they are used to make honey and build on their population. You can feel good knowing that you are helping the bees live on without becoming a disturbance to your home.

Pets, Wildlife, & Children

Using pesticides on bees around your home is just spraying a poison around. Exposure to various types of sprays can cause irritation and other problems for both adults and children. The sprays can also cause issues if they are ingested by family pets. Not only can your pets be impacted, but the spray can come into contact with other wild animals. Birds and squirrels are just a few of the animals that can be impacted by the sprays used around your home. The spray is also flammable, creating potential fire hazards for you and your family. When you hire a bee removal service, they will typically avoid the use of any pesticides or other harmful materials. Their training offers safe removal methods that cause no safety concerns for people or animals near your home.

Leftover Honeycombs

Even if you use a spray to get rid of the honeybees, the nest is often left at the home. Large honeycombs are basically like a vacant motel on your property. Eventually, the bees will return to nest and use the honeycomb for their personal needs. Honeycombs may not be completely visible to the naked eye. This means that there could be large portions of nests hidden in areas you don't even know about. A bee removal company will also locate and remove the honeycombs that are found on your property. These honeycombs will be used in the new bee's location. Bee removal experts often have construction experience, allowing them to access sheds or siding materials to look for expanded nest areas. Once the honeycomb is fully removed, the chances of the bees returning are lower.

Swarming Danger

When you see a few bees flying around, it may seem easy to spray them down with a pesticide. What you don't realize is that there could be hundreds of thousands of bees waiting in the dark, ready to swarm. When bees are disturbed, they can swarm for multiple days and cause havoc with their stings. To help prevent these swarms, you should avoid any disturbance of a bee nest or colony. A professional bee removal service understands how to access the bees and properly remove them without causing the dangerous swarms. The whole process can typically be completed in a single day, but it depends on the size of the nest.

Contact a bee removal company like U.S. Pest Control as soon as you see any sign of bees. This can help prevent the growth and expansion of bees on your personal property.