Football season is one of the most popular times of the year for sports bars. It is one of the most viewed sports on television and fans are always looking for ways to enjoy games with other spectators. As your sports bar gears up for another season of the NFL, there are many ways you can promote your bar to encourage customer visits. One method for promoting your bar and the new football season is by using banner stands. Portable banner stands can be placed nearly anywhere inside or outside of your business and can hold all types of high quality banners. See four different ways these banner stands can be used effectively at your establishment.

Team Cheering Sections

Some sports bars may be dedicated to a specific team while others welcome fans of all different NFL teams. If you have a diverse crowd, then you can held gather fans together by using banner stands to designate team cheering sections. A printed vertical banner can showcase a team logo and text like "New York Giants Fan Section." When placed on a vertical banner stand, it's easy to place to a banner in multiple ares of your bar. You can set different sides of the bar as fan areas or designate specific seating areas like a section of booths. When two rival teams are competing against each other, it's a fun way to split up the bar and allow fans to sit together while cheering on their favorite team.

Fantasy Football Draft Areas

A sports bar is a great host to hold fantasy football drafts and meetings. You can encourage these group meetings by using banner stands to designate specific areas. By using a banner stand to mark off tables or booths, fantasy football players can enjoy the atmosphere of the bar while still having the private area to enjoy their team drafts. A banner stand can help make the draft feel more official and important for any participants. The printed banners can include text about fantasy football along with team logos and other football designs. If you have fantasy football leagues that come to your bar every year, then you can offer a custom printed banner that represents their league. Along with the draft, you can reserve special areas for the league using the banners each week. It's a nice extra touch that can help encourage a little extra customer loyalty.

Food Specials

Banner stands are ideal for displaying outside of your sports bar. Instead of having to hang a banner off of your bar entrance, it's easy to just plop a banner stand in an outdoor area. When displaying banners on the exterior of your business, one of the best promotions to showcase is a food special for the football season. For example, during football game days, you may have a wings special or beer specials. A highly detailed banner can feature a football field backdrop, detailed pictures of wings, and a fresh pitcher of beer. Huge font sizes can display the price specials and help draw in more customers on game day.

Football Backdrops

The use of smartphones has become commonplace in sports bars. You can provide a nice extra touch to the phone use by using large banner stands to showcase football backdrops. These backdrops are great for group pictures or selfies. They can be placed against a large wall in the business and feature all different types of football designs. For example, you can use the backdrop to print out life-size photos of real NFL players. Bar patrons can then pose with the player pictures and create unique memories at your bar. Extra bar promotion can also be spread online by including your business name or logo throughout the banner design. As each picture is taken, your bar can be featured in the background.

Contact banner stand companies like Divine Signs Inc. to find out more details on different banner stand sizes and designs that can fit well into your sports bar.