The act of dumpster diving is a way for people to try and salvage items that may have been tossed out by your business. Going through garbage may not be illegal, but people trespassing on your business property is definitely breaking the law. Not only is dumpster diving disruptive to your business, but your trash may contain sensitive business data that you do not want available to the public. A majority of dumpster dives take place overnight, so you will not typically have a person present to help prevent these acts. By hiring the services of a security company, you can help prevent dumpster diving through a number of different products and features. Adding these features to the exterior of your business can help keep the trash where it belongs and discourage people from trespassing on your property.

Motion Lights & Cameras

Accessing your dumpster may be made easier for people in the dark. When it is pitch black, divers feel like they can get away with the dumpster diving without getting caught. Putting potential criminals in the spotlight can help deter the crime and add some surveillance to the area. A security company can provide you with motion lights that work with motion-activated cameras. When motion is detected around the dumpster, these lights will flash on and a video camera will start recording footage. The presence of a video camera alone may help deter criminal activity as trespassers do not want to be seen on surveillance footage. The footage will only start recording when motion is detected, making it easier to review the footage each day.

Audible Alarms

Dumpster diving can create a lot of noise. When this noise is detected, an audible alarm can pick up the sounds and alert security companies along with the proper authorities. One of the most popular types of audible alarms is a glass break detector. Commonly used on windows, these alarms can be placed inside of dumpster openings to detect loud sound of glass shattering or other objects being moved around. Along with alerting security companies, the alarms can be set up to create a loud audible noise that can help deter any dumpster divers on your property.

Dumpster Door Sensors

Closing and locking dumpster doors is one of the more basic ways to prevent people from salvaging items from inside the dumpster. Even if they are closed, some determined divers may try to find their way inside the dumpster. To help add extra protection, a security company can install dumpster door sensors. These sensors can detect when a dumpster door has been forced open. Similar to the glass break detectors, these alarms will blare an audible alarm if someone tries to enter the dumpster. These sensors can be installed on side entry doors and the top door flaps found on dumpsters.

Remote Viewing & Alerts

No one wants to start a business day with a messy dumpster area and signs of trespassing. You can help prevent these workday surprises by having a security company set up remote viewing and alerts for your dumpster area. For example, if the motion camera is activated in the area, you can receive an alert through an app-enabled device. The cameras can be connected to an IP system so that you can stream the footage live and see exactly what is happening in the dumpster area. Additional alerts can be set in place for the lights or motion alarms that you may have installed. By receiving these alerts, you can contact the authorities and help stop trespassing on your property.

Contact a security company to find out more details on various services and how to have them properly installed on your dumpster areas. Also, contact a security services company, such as Intellex Security, if you think having security guards may help your business.