If you own a business that requires you to greet clients all day long, then a posh sitting area in your lobby can go a long way when it comes to impressing your clientele. Leather seats and couches are luxurious, and they are often quite comfortable as well. However, leather can wear and look old after some time. Since a single high-quality leather sofa can cost between $2,000 and $4,000, you need to think of the seating as an investment. This means taking care of the leather properly. Keep reading to learn about a few tips that can help you keep your leather furniture in great shape.

Look For A Shaded Area

If you allow the sunlight to cascade through the windows of your business lobby, then this is likely a great way to create an inviting atmosphere. However, if you expose your leather to the sun, you will cause it to dry out and fade. Fading is caused by UV transmittance where UV rays pass through the windows and onto the leather couch. These UV rays cause photodegradation, where the particles in the leather that give the material its color start to break down, and the color fades. 

The infrared beams of light that are emitted from the sun produce heat, and this heat is absorbed by the leather. The darker the couch or other furniture item, the more heat is absorbed. Since leather is skin, it will retain natural oils that keep the hide moist. These oils slowly evaporate from the leather, and the sun will increase the rate of evaporation. This will dry out the leather fairly quickly.

If you can, make sure to place your leather items in areas of the lobby that are shaded. If this is not possible, then invest in some vinyl or polyester window film or coatings that will block the sun's UV and infrared rays. You can install these films yourself. Keep in mind that the films may need several days to cure on the window. This means you should wait a few days to place the leather furniture item in direct sunlight once the films are installed. 

Use A Conditioner

It is wise to keep your leather office furniture as clean as possible. Vacuuming dust off the leather and using a damp cloth to remove debris is typically all that is required to keep the leather clean. You do not want to use soap to clean the furniture. Soap breaks down oil into small molecules by attracting the oil to the charged molecules in the soap. This will cause the natural oils in the leather to break down and the couch will dry out. While oils can be added to the leather to make the hide supple and moist, oil-based products will cause the hide to stain.

Instead of using soap to clean the leather, make sure that the couch is able to repel or resist stains, spills, and the accumulation of debris in the first place. This means the leather will not become dirty enough that soap will be needed. To protect leather, you will need to purchase a leather conditioner. Leather conditioners contain waxes that create a barrier across the surface of the hide. This traps the natural oils in the leather and it keeps debris from causing stains. Apply the conditioner as soon as you place the furniture item in your office. 

If you do not want to use a commercial product, you can use beeswax to condition the leather. Place the solid wax in the microwave for 20 to 30 seconds until it is pliable. Use a cotton cloth to spread the warmed wax across the surface of the leather. Gently buff the hide to make sure the wax fully covers the leather. Reapply the conditioner a few times a year to make sure the couch stays protected. 

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